It’s like a second job (but fun)

The pond builder and I have put in about 40 man hours of work on the pond and yard this weekend – it’s a second job! I’m so pleased with all the work we finished. The lower pond is ready for some concentrated work now that the shade feature has been stained and moved forward. The little paint sprayer did a really get job. We also moved the RDF into place, that was a lot of fun (not). Here are a few photos after today’s work.

The Combi RDF is now in place on a new concrete slab.

Black fin…
The view of the equipment area from the front of the house. Hopefully the plants on the berm will grow and obscure the view.

The lower pond’s tarp is now off and waiting for some work.

Playing farmer…

Very pleased with my herb garden that I put in yesterday.

I put the potatoes and garlic into the ground today. I have four types of potatoes and two types of garlic. I’ve been interested in growing potatoes since I watched Matt Damon in “the Martian”

The koi seem quite at home in their pond.

The windows have been put back into the equipment house.

The pond at night