What a difference 9 days can make…Mr. Pond Builder is on a roll

The lower pond build site is not the most attractive part of the yard but I’m excited to report that the lower pond is almost ready to be home for the koi that are still in the garage. We’re thinking they should be out here before the weekend. Summer has turned on over night so it allows us to work outside longer. Of course it is hot but hats, sunscreen and plenty of water keep us going. Mr. Pond Builder has been very busy – so here’s a few pictures of his handiwork
May 27 lower pond - dropping in the liner
May 27 – Dropping the custom liner in should have been a 5 man job. Good thing our friend Sai Her is like three men in one. Concrete blocks served as extra hands to hold the line as we tried to straighten it out.
May 28 lower pond concrete work
May 28 – the pond builder really likes to play with concrete. He extended the concrete areas of the equipment pad for a neater look.
May 29 lower pond drain work
May 29 – connecting the bottom drains and skimmer to the RDF. Very large ball valves and some clear PVC piping segments to see what’s going on.
Jun 2 lower pond - pulling on the walls
Jun 2 – The pond builder fashioned some frames to hold the liner in place as we continued to straighten out the walls. The man who made our liner, Irv Geffre said to put our toe in the corners and pull up. We did this a few times over three to four days.
Jun 2 lower pond - bottom drains installed
Jun 2 – the bottom drains have been installed and we’ll fill the pond a little to help pull out the wrinkles.
Jun 3 lower pond visitor
Jun 3 – the pond builder discovers that we had a visitor to our pond build site last night. Guess the pest heard a new fish restaurant was going up soon and wanted to check it out. We believe it’s a raccoon 🙁
Jun 4 lower pond - installing jets and air hose fixtures
Jun 4 – TPRs have been installed into the walls. It’s really hot to be working in the black pit in 90 degree weather. My pond builder is pretty dedicated and works hard…
Jun 4 lower pond - air hose bar
Jun 4 – The pond builder is using an air hose bar to put oxygen into the pond. The bubbles stay close to the side of the pond wall, push material towards the skimmer but have a more gentle look. I should be able to see the koi more easily even when the air is flowing.
Jun 4 lower pond - view from above
Jun 4 – taking a look at the lower pond from above. We still have a lot of work to do but the koi will be put into the pond this week.
Jun 4 lower pond - still at work at night
Yes it’s past 9:00 pm and the pond builder is still out there doing something. He is a man on a mission and we are working over time to have this pond operational by the end of the week.
The pond builder has been dog tired and I think his eyes have been closed during House of Cards…He does really great work – my koi and I are very lucky to be married to Mr. Pond Builder. 💕