Kuchibeni Koi and Art

I like to have koi theme art around the house. I always wish this artist would make some notecards or smallish posters of his stuff. I did email him once and the artwork he did have available was more than I wanted to pay. I’ll just have to be satisfied with my silk charmeuse scarf 🙂 “Three Loves Songs from the Bottom of the Ocean?” by Matthew Weinstein highlights a singing koi. My little kuchibeni koi remind me of the stylized, animated koi. If I remember, I’ll have to check out the 14 minute feature in a museum some day. His Japanese koi with lovely lipstick has been included in some of his other animated works. Here’s a sample of Matthew Weinstein’s koi:
Matthew Weinstein: É Lobro Teaser from Jacob Lewis Gallery on Vimeo.