It’s finally hot in Minnesota

Busy three day weekend. It was fun to see all the koi kichi photos from the Louisville Koi Show and while it would have been nice to be there – I got a lot of gardening done. Almost all of the dahlias have sprouted and some plants in the yard seem to grow two inches over night. I’m pleased to have gotten a lot of weeds under control and a lot of mulch spread around. The koi are looking good in the lower pond.

We’re finally at temperatures to support food with higher protein content. The koi are fed a little whenever anyone walks by – they very piggy now.

While I was doing some backbreaking work for the pond builder, I found the perfect spot for my new bench-trellis thingy. I like how it frames the backyard garden.

looks like a peaceful scene but you know that over the hill is the pond builder’s salt mine…
the upper pond undergoing it’s last transformation (we think)

There’s a lot of sand still coming out of the hole as he reshaped the sides and changed out the two bottom drains for three aerated bottom drains. The only saving grace is that the stuff we are digging is like clean fill sand. We have a growing pile on the edge of our front yard and through Craigslist, I have someone picking it up for a paver patio project. Of course there is always a little snafu like a dense, heavy rock that could not be taken out with a simple pulley. We had to call in for some assistance from a local brother and are keeping the Range Rover for a few days.

Pond builder thinks we should have purchased a Range Rover a few years ago. Probably true but just as easy to borrow. I will admit it’s pretty handy. Maybe when we move some day and need to build another koi pond I’ll keep it in mind. 🤣
putting in three aerated bottom drains
getting all the pipes to the filtration house in order

The pond builder is still out in a thunderstorm doing some more work. I am koi kichi, he is pond building kichi. It’s a good thing (until he gets struck by lightning ☹️).

ps 7:15 pm – this may not look exciting but it was really a lot of work!