Growing moss

Last year I started a Pinterest board with photos of lovely moss covered rocks. I have this hope that one day the rocks hugging our waterfall will be totally covered.  Once again, patience is not really one of my strengths so I decided to nudge nature along.  I have a ton of moss growing in different parts of the yard and a brother-in-law who had a boat house roof covered with moss.  So I harvested large (and small pieces), prepped the back side, dipped them in the pond water and placed them on the rocks like a toupee. I picked out rocks that clearly had water spray on them and made sure a little bit of the moss was right at the edge of the water. Amazingly, many of the pieces came out this winter firmly attached to their rock – some are still working at it. I have a a new project for my crazy pond friends – growing moss covered rocks for their water features. moss 1 moss 2 moss 3