“Don’t let me build another pond next year…”

So my husband says this afternoon….The new pond work is going well.You can follow our progress under the 2014 koi pond tab.We have been renting some machinery which has really made the work easier. The pond has taken the shape of a peanut, with the far end to hold a four feet deep well. We may or may not winter the koi in this pond. There will be another faux pond over the biological filter behind the waterfall that will run into this pond. We are also having a young nephew design the small quarantine pond/waterfall that will sit between this pond and the top of the waterfall for our current pond. Image Meanwhile at the other pond, I am convinced that one of my koi is missing. Moriarity is nowhere to be seen. I have not seen this koi come up to feed for some time. It’s possible that it could be hiding but I don’t think so. We saw a heron flying in the sky today and wonder if Moriarity has turned into koi du jour??Image