Koi in the Upper Pond :-)


The pond digger is exhausted – too tired to even watch Game of Thrones. A lot of things were put together and the moving bed filter was created. It’s a little tight in the equipment hole but he made it all work. We’ve been filling the pond for about two days now…and of course patience is not something we are blessed with. We decided to add the test koi: ChaCha (aka Patient Zero) and Taco Belll. They did just fine so we added eight other koi who were tired of spending their day in a 300 gallon tub. Now they are swimming in at least 10,000 gallons. (Yes, Minnetonka is always telling us that we use more water than our neighbors). Now the advanced koi keepers will be horrified that we’ve thrown them in without starting up the filtration system but we’re figuring water volume and plenty of oxygen will keep them going. Our koi are pretty tough.

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Ducks flying into the rainbow after the thunderstorms
Ducks flying into the rainbow after the thunderstorms

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  1. Michelle Gravenish says:

    Looking good Lori and Tony. Those few koi won’t dirty up your large pond so much that you need to have your filters running right away, lol! With good aeration your fine (as you said) 🙂

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