Meet Miyu

Today our newest koi flew in on a non-stop Delta airlines flight from San Jose to Minneapolis. This was definitely a better option than the disastrous FedEx experience we had the other week.

Miyu is an Omosako shiro utsuri with a different kind of pattern – kage sumi. She is 3 years, 60 cm (about 24 inches) and quite fat. Her lineage is Jr. Panda Jr. (I know it looks weird, but that’s what on her certificate). While I have only had her for two hours, she is a very relaxed koi. She is swimming with the rest of the koi and they seem to like her as well.

Due to her size, we have placed her directly in the pool with the other koi. She is in very good health and all the other koi have remained healthy since our winter problems. Kevin Pham of Genki Nishikigoi recommended that we do a single treatment of Proform-C (formalin and malachite green) just to ensure everyone stays healthy. So we have not quite adhered to the usual quarantine procedures today but I think we’ll be alright

Meanwhile the little shiro utsuri tosais are aboslutely crazy and swim like mad dogs when they see you. I have named them after western outlaws. The boldest one of the group is Wild Bill.

the six outlaws